Ms. Roberds', 1st Grade Teacher

As a first grade teacher my students loved this book! So much so that they wanted to know more about her amazing life! This turned into an excellent writing and illustration project which stirred their imagination and ability to dream!! Thank You Lynsey Howell for inspiring my girls
to realize there is NOTHING they can't do !

Andrea Jamison, blogger,

Not only will readers be captivated the beautiful mosaic of vibrant illustrations found throughout this book, but readers willappreciate how the author’s personal experience as a pilot influences the vocabulary found within the text.

Although fictitious, this story has a lot of educational value and is appropriate for young readers.  Teachers can implement this story as an anticipatory text to generate a discussion about the famous aviator and as an informal assessment to gauge students’ prior knowledge.  As well, a comparative analysis can be done between fiction and nonfiction genres.  Here, teachers can use the text along with a biography to explore author’s purpose, helping students distinguish between the factual evidence surrounding Amelia’s disappearance versus the assumptions.  

Amazon Review By Pop Bop TOP 500 REVIEWER 

I'm all for Girrrl Power books, as should anyone be who has a daughter and a granddaughter, or just a sense of fairplay. But they can be awfully tricky books to write. Too heavy? Too light? Too cutesy? Maybe too preachy? This book struck me as just right pretty much across the board, and I'll share why.

Our author, Lynsey Howell, has a sincere and longstanding interest in flying and obviously delights in the experience. The book mostly comes from that place, and since it is honest and heartfelt it's hard for the book to feel anything other than genuine.

On top of that she's a girrrl who did and does girrrl stuff, and she admires Amelia Earhart, who may qualify as the original real girrrl. So this book doesn't come across as some sort of academic or calculated exercise. It comes across as something deeper and sincerely felt, which will not be lost on a young reader.

So, a bit of excitement, a bit of fantasy, a bit of history, and a goofy dog - I'm happy.

(Please note that I read a borrowed copy of this book. Apart from that I have no connection to either the author or the publisher of this book, although I know someone who knows the author, who may or may not know Kevin Bacon.)


Self-publishing review, lysa grant 

A trained pilot herself, Howell injects Finding Amelia with a love of aviation, and a special reverence for Amelia Earhart. This passion comes through in the illustrations by Vitaliia Kalmutska, done in vivid, textured watercolors with much detail of people and landscapes for kids to pore over on every page. Especially expressive is the “time portal” in a cloud, which is painted like a mini galaxy.

...the book is recommended for a child who has a special love of planes. It’s an especially empowering story for girls, about one of America’s great heroes.